just a shop

Welcome to our Just a Shop!

Here you can see the products we have for sale. All the profits go entirely to the fight housing poverty in Portugal!

Thank you for being part of this mission !!

PS: Soon we will have new products and many new features

bone chapeu 2.jpg


The Just a Change cap is the perfect item to look 100% cool on and off the job, while showing the world that you carry Just a Change in your mind and heart.

In addition, it is made in Portugal :)

€ 8

tote bag

At Just a Change we strive to be more sustainable everyday.

It wouldn't make sense to dedicate ourselves to homes without also dedicating ourselves to our HOME!

Also made in Portugal. Whether at the grocery store, on the beach, at college or in life in general, we guarantee you'll always looks good.  :)

€ 4

saco pano tote bag.jpg


Oversized Sweatshirts are the ultimate must-have item. Good for winter days and summer nights!

Portuguese, with the great advantage of helping Just a Change!

€ 25


Blank pages, hard cover, ribbon to mark the page. As if this wasn't enough, you still have the right to a pocket for documents inside the back cover AND an elastic band to ensure that everything stays in place.

Even at STAPLES you won't find a better one!

€ 7

caderno notebook.jpg