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“Volunteers do not necessarily have time but they have heart."

Elizabeth Andrew


To be a volunteer at Just a Change you only need to be over 18 years old, willing to help and have spirit of service!

There are many ways to help Just a Change, all of which are important. But being a volunteer is an unforgettable experience, where you create relationships with other people who are working with you to create a better world together.

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our programs

We have developed several intervention programs that allow us to operate in different contexts in parallel, thus enhancing social impact and social cohesion in local communities.


Camp In

Camps during the summer months where we intensively rehabilitate homes over 13 days, in various rural areas of Portugal. Accommodation, food and protective material are provided by Just a Change.


keep up

At Keep Up you pledge to participate in the rehabilitation of a house over the course of one or more weeks, intensively, in Lisbon and Porto. Generally, the Keep Up program coincides with the academic holidays (summer, Christmas, Easter)


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The beneficiary is the reason you’re here. We want to rebuild their life and bring them joy, hope and charity. The construction site is just a means to this end.

You won’t judge them for their home, their actions, words, looks, possessions or cleanliness. You must be patient and thoughtful. You don’t know their story.

If you ever have to choose between the beneficiary and the construction, the right choice would always be the first. 

   2. The commitment

Committing to Just a Change means remembering that there are people who depend on you: the team, the beneficiary and everyone else involved in the project... Every hour is essential and everytime you neglect your work, someone else has to do it. The construction gets delayed and most of all, the beneficiary is the one getting harmed.

   3. the joy

The simplest gesture can change someone's life.

When you come to work happy, you increase the joy of others. You may not be the life of the party, but a "how was your day?", or even just a smile can have a big impact on the beneficiary.

Give all your joy and it will come back to you. At Just a Change, joy is a responsibility.

   4. the construction site

Take care of the site. Follow the lead of people who are there to help you and make sure you keep yourself safe.

   5. the t-shirt

Put your shirt on, literally and figuratively and turn small chores into big gestures. Make it a symbol of union and spread this feeling through every home you work in. 

   6. the service

It’s not always easy but get over yourself. You’re here to serve others and not the other way around.

Do good, in a good mood.

   7. the respect

Respect is universal. Is like the floor of a house - it must be solid. It’s one of the foundations of a team. Respect will strengthen the group so that, together, you can build a new ceiling for the beneficiary. 

Never forget that, more than hierarchically, respect must be mutual.


In short, volunteering at Just a Change is...

Making life-long friendships

Giving back to the community

Sharing some beers after your shift

Having a fashionable T-shirt

"Being a volunteer for Just showed me one side of Porto that is not always visible. I am very happy about the opportunity to help improve the living conditions of people who need it so much."


"Thank you so much for the warm welcome and patience you had with me. The kindness I’ve been met with while visiting Lisbon has gone unmatched to anywhere else I’ve traveled, so now I really do appreciate this opportunity to work alongside you.


"For me, Just a Change is a way to bring joy to people by helping them have a better home."